We've published Edition 8 of the Catalog of Alexander Boyd.  It is special because it is the first time we've published other than for Boyd Reunions.  This is for those five who made $250 contributions to

the Boyd Family Foundation, we thank you.  Your copy of your line from the children of Alexander is at the printer and on it's way.  Your gift to the Boyd Family Foundation will continue to support printing the Catalog and the charts.  Just the paper for the charts in 2005 will cost about $150!


     This is also an exciting time for data entry, if that is possible. We've added 50 Boyd relatives since Thanksgiving.  Sandra Walker gave us 22 pages of the Hawkins line, adding 23 Boyd relatives we did not have.  Ruby Brown has a bible with family records and sent us material that added 17 Boyd relatives.  Margaret Thomas sent material that added

9 Boyd relatives, and so it continues.  The amount of data entered is much larger as we also enter all information we get about spouses.


     You may recall Boyd Miller of New Zealand visiting the Boyd Reunion in Clarksville.  He is descended from James, brother of Alexander.  We're entering data Boyd sent so you'll begin seeing nieces and grandnieces

of Alexander when we do the book form reports (nephews, too).  Mary Ann Oettinger (GGG Granddaughter of Alexander) keeps the Boyd Family Foundation accounts and mailing addresses.  If you wish to be on the newsletter list, please send your postal address to:


      Mrs. Frederic Oettinger

      POB 876

      Clarksville, VA  23927


      This is the cover page for Edition 8.



Edition 8, December 15, 2004

For Boyd Family Foundation Contributors




Our thanks for your financial support of the Boyd Family Foundation.

Each Edition introduction letter builds on earlier on editions. To read in

chronologic order, begin with Edition 1 which starts at the end of this letter.




4,356 Relatives of Alexander Boyd and their spouses.

4,257 Relatives and spouses on June 4, 2004. 99 added (2.3%)

2,975 Alexander Boyd relatives

2,913 on June 4, 2004 62 added Boyds (2.1% increase since June 4, 2004)

2,010 Living Boyds (Date of death known or presumed at 100 years)

1,900 on June 4, 2004 110 added Boyds (5.8% increase since June 4, 2004)


Numbers for Richard Blair Boyd


1,034 Descendants of Richard Blair Boyd & Panthea Burwell

1,523 Descendants of Richard Blair Boyd & Panthea Burwell and their spouses


Numbers for Robert Boyd


134 Descendants of Robert Boyd & Tabitha Bolling Walker

230 Descendants of Robert Boyd & Sarah Anderson Jones

500 Descendants of Robert Boyd and his spouses and their spouses

Contents of this edition include:


This introduction.


Edwina Taylor Goddard’s introduction to her 1993 Catalog that began this.

The Ancestors of Alexander Boyd.

The Descendants of Richard Blair Boyd or Robert Boyd printed by generations.

Source list specific to the generations printout

Index list specific to the generations printout

A list of places related to the descendants printout

A list of birth dates in order related to the descendants printout

The relationship printed with each name is the relationship, if any, of the person

with Alexander Boyd & Ann Swepson.


Edwina Taylor Goddard introduction


Edwina’s introduction is included as background and to honor her monumental

work. She compiled the data and her husband, Win, typed it into a word processor.

Without spell check, date check or other computer support the typographical error rate

I calculate of Edwina and Win’s work is less than a tenth of a percent. It is amazing.

The symbols and format used by Edwina are not used in this report. The

numbering system Edwina used is not used in these printouts.


End Edition 8


A Catalog of Descendants of Alexander Boyd and Ann Swepson

Of Boydton, Virginia


Compiled by Edwina Taylor Goddard, October, 1993, and others. Data entered into "Reunion" program by Frank Rader, POB 1115, Mooresville NC 28115 frankrader@mac.com

Printed December 15, 2004, Page 1 of 12