A Tale That Is Told


     How quickly our lives pass.  When we are young, we wish to be old, and when we have become old we wonder where the time has gone, our youth so quickly vanished.  When we are young, we dream great dreams, of injustices made just, obstacles overcome, and great courses completed.  The true spirit of youth is infinite and indomitable.  Yet chance and time impact us all, and in our latter years we more fully realize just how difficult real change is to accomplish.  The contrary winds of resistance we more fully understand in their strength and opposition.  The pains of true effort we more fully appreciate, and thereby the personal cost of engagement.  We see more fully that our struggles are not unique, nor are our dreams, but rather they are part and parcel of this timeless fabric of life woven across the consciousness of centuries, and we but a small stitch in the weave.  Yet still, each stitch is important to the whole and lends its part to the unfolding pattern.  Our lives are truly as a tale that is told, an endless cycle of youthful aspirations of similar tone and tenor, yet the tones of some more resolved and harmonious with time, tenacious persistence, and the understanding which is thereby acquired of their proper timing and place in the tapestry and symphony of life.  Such understanding is wisdom, and such that comes only from persistent effort to understand both oneself in all of one's complexities as well as one's relationship to others and this thing called life.