Dear Sharon,


     Liz said you would like my opinion on the election.  First, I would say I am greatly humbled that you would ask.  I typically do not speak in favor or against political candidates as a matter of upbringing in the military, the military being, by mandate, if not in fact, apolitical.  That said, I do believe that this election is critically important to our country.  Let me first give the reasons why I believe it to be so important before detailing my political leanings.


     1.  The world is certainly at a critical transition point.  All nations are over-indebted, as are private institutions.  See below.



     The situation has only grown worse since the recession begun in 2008.  The too big to fail institutions have grown larger, their debt greater, and their systemic risk more ominous.  The same can be said of the U.S. government debt.  (As a note, Deutchbank has approximately 42 TRILLION dollars of derivatives exposure).  The only thing that has kept us out of a collapse is central bank manipulation, which means that the normal price discovery mechanisms in the market are completely broken.  We no longer exist in a free market system because the mechanisms of the free market have been short circuited by central banks attempting to prevent the inevitable, at least until a time of their choosing.  The inevitable is a market crash.  We are, undoubtedly, in an equity bubble.  Central banks are attempting to perpetuate this bubble for reasons not fully knowable, but the result will simply be a greater correction.  We are at a demographic collapse where the baby boomer generation is scaling back on spending, their peak spending years being past.  This will have an inevitable impact on the economy, and it is occurring worldwide.  There is not another generational cohort immediately behind this generation to continue the consumption necessary to prevent a significant impact on economies worldwide.


     This being said, I believe we are entering a period of deflationary depression.  How we address this challenge is critical to one’s decision on who’s policies are most likely to help us weather this impending economic storm.


     2.  The geopolitical challenges the world faces are both daunting and seemingly implacable.  The BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), are increasingly threatening the politico-economic order which the U.S. has enjoyed since 1972 when Nixon dissolved the gold standard.  At that point, and ever since, America has enjoyed a remarkable position of owning the premier reserve world currency.  This era is coming to a close, which closure, or alteration, will have severe repercussions for our economy and, with that, our influence in world affairs.  Nations are increasingly opting for commodity sales in other than dollar based exchanges.  This removes the worldwide demand for dollars, making it ever more difficult, without repercussions, to print the same.  Our preeminent position as the printing press of the world is coming to an end – possibly.  This must be understood in relation to the ongoing crises occurring in the Middle East.


     The U.S. is fighting to perpetuate a system which the community of nations is rejecting – dollar and U.S. hegemony.  Frankly, I believe there are entities which are pushing the world toward chaos so that they can create a new order.  That said, in the near term, there are existing constituencies which are attempting to preserve their positions.  In that regard, the Middle East has been and is about energy access and strategic access.  Quatar and Israel, and the U.S., want to control energy exports through the Middle East to Europe.  This is both an economic, money making, goal as well as a goal to wean Europe off of Russian energy dependence.  The Islamic pipeline concept is competing with the Qatari pipeline concept.  The relation to the dollar is that so long as we control the commodity, we control how it is purchased.


     3.  Societal breakdown – we are witnessing, daily, a collapse of social structures and norms which both bind us to eachother and keep us from tearing ourselves apart.  Principle to this binding is our Constitution.  The seminal ideas, articulated in this document, are under constant attack.  The NDAA of 2012 in essence destroyed the fifth amendment, and quite possibly the first.  The FBI failure to prosecute Hillary has certainly helped to destroy the U.S. citizen’s respect for the rule of law.  The disrespect for our law enforcement has led to cities in anarchy. 


  Economic., geopolitical, and societal collapse are the dangers we face.  In light of these, where do the pretenders to the throne lie in regards to their ability to help us avoid the same?


     Economic – Hillary promises more of the same.  Raise taxes on the wealthy, although 48% of the U.S. population pays no effective federal income tax.  Almost one half of the population has no skin in the game.  This has nothing to do with fairness and all to do with getting votes.  We cannot fix our economic problems by more heavily taxing our most successful citizens.  We DO have a debt problem, and that problem cannot be solved by higher taxes on the rich.  We need to stimulate our economy to produce more.  We don’t make anything anymore.  How do you stimulate the economy?  Make it produce more.  How do you make it produce more?  Bring back the producers!  Trump’s corporate tax reductions will bring a flood of corporate producers back to the U.S..  This is the single biggest difference between Trump and Hillary – bring production back to the United States.  In that regard, Hillary is in the tank for the TTP and TTIP.  These are a disaster for U.S. competitiveness, as well as sovereignty. 


     Geopolitical – Hillary is the architect of our failed policies in the Middle East.  Her machinations have brought nothing but chaos and disaster to Libya, Syria, and Europe.  The turmoil we see in Europe due to the refugee problem is squarely at Hillary’s feet.  We have equities in the Middle East.  They have been ill served by Hillary, unless one views these equities as sowing chaos.  Disaster is eponomous with her tenure as Secretary of State.  We DO need to break the Shia bridge.  We DO need to benefit from the blood and treasure we expensed to control this region, rather than give it over to Iran and Russia.  We do need to provide Europe with an alternative to Russian energy.  We DO need to control nuclear proliferation in the area.  We DO need to maintain critical alliances, for instance, with Turkey.  Hillary’s record, in all of these areas, is nothing but disastrous.  Not considering her clearly illegal actions in providing material support to terrorists, her actions as Secretary of State have resulted in disasters in Libya, Syria, and Europe – unless you consider sowing anarchy and chaos across the globe as a good thing.


     Social – Hillary is all about Black Lives Matter.  On its face, this sounds innocuous.  Of course black lives matter.  Lives matter.  The unreported truth is that thugs, funded by George Soros, are being bussed in to metropolitan areas to instigate riots.  This is not to say that there are not unjustified police uses of force, but rather that there are entities which are seeking to use perceptions of injustice to sow discord rather than to seek peace.  Hillary is exacerbating and instigating social discord for political advantage.


     All of the above is background.  The obvious foreground is that Hillary Clinton is an obvious felon.  She is, if not pathological, an inveterate liar.  If I had done what she did, I would still be in jail.  There just seems to be a different system of justice for our political elite.  If I were not married to the land and my wife’s family, were Hillary to win, I would go to another country.     


     If she wins:


        A supreme court which will even further eliminate our liberties


        Continued economic failure


        Continued geopolitical failure


        Continued dissolution of the rule of law


        Continued foreign influence in our political process


In short, Hillary is a disaster for the United States.