Fromm Herder With Love


Late night movies.  The sunset over the lake across a country road, beams dancing off the geese splash water dimples.  Blackberries ripe on the vine, and bursting with summer sweetness.  A ride through the snow on a frosty morn.  A walk through the hay, new mown and sweating with fragrance.  An act of will in obedience to truth revealed by reason.  How sweet the revelation.  Obedience to God through faith is not obedience of authority by reason of fear, but rather a free act of the will in response to truth, which is beauty, made objective through the consummation of the act of faith.  It is faith in that which is unseen only because it is not yet actualized.  It is an awareness of one's potentiality as a human being through the subjective power of will to bring about the objective manifestation of truth.  It is rational as it is subject to objective validation and is a product of will.


By reason we can know the potentialities of forms.  From this we can deduce truths about those forms.  This does not mean that man will act true to form (the purpose for which he was made) as man, distinct from the inanimate and animal only, is possessed of a free will and can choose to self actualize his innate potentialities or not in a manner which fulfills his purpose…his happiness.  It matters not, to an objective verification of this, that a great majority of men do not actualize their full potential just as it matters not to a verification of the human potential to fully develop their mental capacities that a great majority fail to do so. 


The presumption that we cannot know the external world – nature – because we have not made it and therefore deductive reasoning cannot lead to an understanding of the objective nature of reality discounts the real impact of the subjective will on objective reality when operated in tune or harmony with man's innate potentialities.


An objective study of human affairs gets us no closer to the truth unless it proceeds from a theory of human potentiality that is in accordance with the truth as many men, cultures, and societies may and do operate from faulty theoretical assumptions.  The truth of the objective manifestation of man's subjective potentialities cannot be attained without rational faith  - an act of the will in obedience to truth revealed by reason. 


Man's activities, collectively and individually, are not a mere attempt to survive and satisfy desire, or mere pleasure.  Rather they are a striving to realize the full potentialities of their whole beings, the lack of realization of which leads to dysfunction, either mental, physical, spiritual, or all three.  It is the spiritual portion of man's makeup that is the most unique to man and wherein lies his potential for his highest actualization in the sense that it is the one part of his form which is most uniquely human.  Ask me not the purpose of the function.  Rather ask me how the function has purpose and relates to me and others in how we live and try to find meaning.  Determine the purpose, the will, behind the function, and unlock the mysteries of its relationships to reality and its meaning.  Science may, in the future, bring us to the singularity of true artificial intelligence, but it will never be able to imbue a machine with spirit.


Although there may be many human standards of truth, or beauty, or goodness discoverable through the empirical study of comparative cultural anthropology, this does not negate the capacity of man to realize his innate potentialities, which now lie dormant, through a proper understanding of his nature and the objective manifestations brought about through application of this understanding.


Although men share in common their spiritual nature, the objective manifestation of subjective will in accordance with one's faith is individualistic, as each individual is a unique creation whose objective form has been made for a unique purpose in accordance with the divine will.  The objective manifestation of our spiritual potentiality can take many forms, but they cannot be expressed true to form without real faith.  What we will be, the objective manifestation of our subjective will, has not yet been determined.  What we can be will only be actualized through obedience to truth through real faith.  Now we see through a glass dimly, and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be.  Such is ours to choose.