Haroldís Song


Lord I know, In your perfect willís a plan

But how can I be sure, in your perfect will I am

Many things, are too hard to understand

And trials Iíd rather not go through, Come again and again


I am yours I must say, You are the potter I the clay

You are the master, I am the slave, I will obey

Where you lead I will go, What you take I will let go

What you want I already know, Itís all I have

Take me as I am


Lord help me to be what you want of me

Forgive me when I fail you, and the ones I love and me

Iím only clay, of the dust and prone to stray

But my heart still cries for you oh Lord, I thirst, help my faith




My life is yours, thatís the easy part to give

Itís only when you want something I love Iím not submissive

But all is your, not my own to keep or give

Except my own will, which must be broken before itís whole