Hedges v Obama


    February 6, 2013 will stand as either a day of infamy or a day of rebirth.  On this day  the US Supreme Court will hear the case of Hedges v Obama, a hearing which will decide whether we have a fascist dictatorship or a republic based on democratic principles, rule of law, and the common sense of the common man.


     The democratic principles of liberty and rule of law are on trial.  One side believes it to be just and right that one branch of government should have the power to decide and declare any US citizen a terrorist and cast them into prison without charge and without the right to trial, indefinitely.  This is dictatorship in its most naked form.  That 93 out of 100 US senators voted for a law confirming such powers is indicative of the extreme importance of the judiciary’s upcoming ruling as, without this check, our republic would already be lost. 


     The claims of executive authority confound a common sense explanation, being in kind the very types of usurpations which ignited our revolution against Great Britain.  One does not need a law degree to understand that this is an apostasy against our Constitution and way of life.


     Should the judiciary allow this law to stand, our framework of government is no more.  We will have sacrificed security on the alter of liberty to the total demise of the later.  Although it may be true that there are many things which, if the populous at large was aware, would instantly cause a total loss of government legitimacy, this decision will have a similar effect over time.  That being the case, should the court rule against Hedges et al, we should be prepared for a heavy governmental hand indeed.  Then the American people will awaken, only it will be too late!  May God help us and be with our judges as they decide on this momentous case.