Iíd Like To Buy the World A New Reality Song

Americaís Real Choice Ė Itís The Real Thing


     Although the events in the middle east are more serious than a beverage commercial, Cokeís past jingleís appropriately fit what we need.  We need to know what our real choices are in this conflict ridden area where we have spilled so much blood and spent so much treasure.  The congressional hearings are trumpeting this new entity of many names as the existential threat to our security and our way of life which must be dealt with immediately by training and equipping a counterforce.  What we really need is clearly stated national goals and a strategy to achieve them rather than propaganda.


     The vote on training and equipping a counterforce to this new threat is simply a vote to continue what we have been doing for years.[1]  It is an open secret that we have had a command in Jordan doing this very mission.[2]  Since, although an open secret, it was a covert operation legally, the difference in what is being voted on lies in these areas; accountability, responsibility, and acceptability.


     Covert, title 50, operations, whether they should or not, fall under different rules.    They are not suppose to commit title 10 forces to military missions.  For better or worse, the lines have substantially blurred since 9/11, leading some to call what we have been conducting as title 60 operations, something for which there is no legal authority.  Oversight of such operations, as well as the processes for their implementation, are quite different.  Making what we have been conducting covertly overt requires congress to step up to the plate and be both accountable and responsible for the actions.  It is not as though they didnít know our government was already involved in these actions, they just didnít have to be accountable or responsible for them except for the gang which could always claim they disagreed but were muffled by classifications.  We are simply making overt what has been covert policy for some time, and calling on our elected representatives to take a controversial position in an election year.   


     What they are debating, however, is so divorced from the truth, because it is an open debate, that arriving at clarity of purpose is politically impossible, unless you donít care about the next election.  The focus on the entity of many names is misdirection.  That is not our nationís primary threat, although it is a real threat of our own creation.  The principle threat is the threat to the western economic system with the dollar as the reserve currency, the free flow of energy assets out of this region, with sales denominated in dollars, and strategic access to maintain this system.


     Why is acceptability of such protective moves difficult to achieve or support?  Internationally, principally because the United States has lost its moral authority.  It is no longer trusted that we will undertake the right causes for the right reasons, ďthat we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.Ē[3]    Hell, we donít even jealously defend our own liberty.[4] Why should any nation trust us?


     I really would like to buy the world a coke and make everything better, but that outcome just isnít in the cards unless we start a real debate about the real issues instead of simply putting on staged theater.  Itís appropriate the congress be called upon to be responsible and accountable.  It is unacceptable that public acceptance of a half baked plan hinges on distortion and misdirection, and a strategic communications plan that apparently relies on the same.  Our goal is that Assad is removed from power in Syria.  Our goal is that Iranís influence in the region be degraded, thereby enhancing our Israeli allyís security and our position in negotiations with Iran with an eye to an eventual cooperative relationship with a government we can work with and/or its replacement.  Our goal is the perpetuation of the dollar as the reserve currency, at least until a stable transition to an alternative is available.  Everything else is trying to teach the world to sing a new song to an uncertain tune.  

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