Macies 2021 Fireworks Spectacular

What are we celebrating? Our Constitutional republic no longer exists. The fireworks are spectacular, but do any of the onlookers know what they represent? They represent artillery barrages in a revolution, a revolution to found a constitutional republic by force of arms.

That constitutional republic no longer exists, our first, second, fourth and fifth amendment rights being continually abridged. We are no longer free to disagree, our free expressions expunged from social discourse. Our right to bear arms is under constant attack. Our most private correspondence is subject to government surveillance. Our right to representation and trial by a jury of our peers is nullified by the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA. Our franchise has beed stolen by a totally corrupt voting system. We are being mandated to take an experimental gene therapy. Frankly, our Constitution is a dead letter.

So what are we celebrating? The celebrations, in fact, sicken me. They are celebrating something long gone, their firecrackle remembrance an NSAID to mollify the masses, anti inflammatories direly needed to prevent our country from proceding precipitously into anarchy.