Letter to Congressman Robert Hurt


I found to my dismay that you voted for the subject resolution (HR 758, passed in US House of Representatives 4 December, 2014), one which, to my knowledge, had little to no public discussion and one which is provocative, to put it mildly, against a heavily armed nuclear power regarding activities in their back yard.  It is an open secret that the US assisted in a covert coup of the democratically elected Yanukovytch regime, Victoria Nuland's leaked phoncon discussing our complicity being in the open[1].  I take it you either are aware of this or voted for this measure being unaware.  If the later, then you are far too uninformed to be voting for me in Congress on measures of such import to the peace of the world.  If the former, then you are complicit in the deception of the American people regarding matters of grave impact to their security and, again, should not be representing me in Congress. 


     America needs leaders who will level with them regarding the pressing issues of our time, not ones who are either too imbecilic to understand them themselves or too hubristic to think that the polity cannot understand the issues.  This resolution, its strident tone and its specific recommendations regarding training and equipping forces in Russia's backyard, is juvenile and dangerous.  Frankly, although I do not disagree with the need for covert action, I am very concerned with its scope and oversight.  How can you cast a vote on an overt policy without having knowledge of the effectiveness of the covert actions already taken with implications on that policy?  Unless you are "read in" on the issues involved, how can you make a reasoned decision whether our national covert actions are soundly based? 


     Many issues raised with one the subject - HR 758.  A bad resolution.  A bad decision.  Unnecessary.  I would truly appreciate you explaining your vote to push the United States back into war, cold or hot, with Russia.