Light In The Piazza


†††† A parentís love for their child knows few bounds, their petulance written off with a soft rebuke, their greater frailties sometimes hidden from a world thought callous and cold. The world is callous and cold, but God has plans for us all, no matter our frailties, to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future.Ah, but parents can be impatient.Twenty years.Thirty years.Domani, domani!Hope springs eternal in a mother and fatherís heart, especially for those entrusted with a special child.


†††† Parents of non-challenged children can simply not fathom the ubiquitous and seemingly unscalable mountains others less equipped daily face, nor the tortuous care and concern their loved ones must take to ensure their blessingís potential is realized.When that realization comes, it is as if a great light was focused on a singular point in a great piazza, their hopes and dreams for their blessing realized, their hearts speaking that singular comfort to a parentís soul Ė I did do the right thing!