“We are currently engaged in a global war.  Regardless of our preconceived notions of what war is, it is war by its nature, but it is not war as we are accustomed to thinking about war.  Because it is not war which conforms to our conceptions of how war should be waged, it presents us with a host of significant challenges, and because war is a legitimate social activity, as incongruous as that may sound, these challenges impact our society in ways which are both profound as well as of great impact.  It is precisely because the impacts are of such great consequence that we must wisely consider the changes in the rules which govern this activity.  It is pointless to argue about whether we are at war or not, as the character which war takes is defined by the societies engaged in it.  That we are engaged in a contest of wills by means of force is plainly evident.  What is not yet evident is the legitimacy of the means, manner, and ends of the war which some seek to legitimate through this contest.  The nature of war is unchanging, but the character of war is defined by the means, manner and ends for which and by which it is waged.  It is critical that we take advantage of all available insight in defining what these legitimate parameters of war are, for how they are defined will have significant impacts on our way of life.”


The above was written some time ago.  The December 2011 passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 makes it sound prescient.  Our way of life is in the act of being destroyed due to our reactions to the changing character of war.  Since that time, we have also witnessed the blatant disregard for our fourth amendment protections in the activities of the NSA as revealed by Edward Snowden.  In Benghazi, Libya we sacrificed American citizens, and perhaps, what is worse, colluded in their demise while arming our sworn enemies to topple a sovereign, albeit hostile, government.  We have witnessed government use of power to cower and coerce through the Internal Revenue Service free speech and free association.  We have witnessed American veterans committed to mental facilities against their will for free speech as well as countless veterans denied their second amendment rights because they saw a psychologist after suffering through extended combat deployments. 

Our national leadership has failed us.  Any U.S. citizen can now be legally detained without charge, anywhere, and held until “the end of hostilities” without judicial review or trial.  All of your personal correspondence is now fair game for government collection and review.  At the whim of the executive, you can be detained and committed, to a psycho ward or GITMO, for your speech.  While in said detention, you may be subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques.”  All of this can be done in the name of your security, for which you have given up any claim to a shred of liberty.  Even so, our populous has meekly accepted such changes or, what is harder to comprehend, supported and defended the changes. 


The Republic of America is no more.  We let it go and, in some instances, actively assisted its exit.  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”  Mr. Burke was right, but his warning has fallen on deaf ears.  I have written for years warning of this and imploring people to engage in thoughtful discourse.  It appears all I wrote was for naught.  I am truly at a loss as to what to do next.  I believed in the common sense of the common American to prevent such as what has happened, but seemingly bright Americans have no problem with giving the executive powers not seen since King George and monarchs before him.  “Kill the bastards,” they cry, while giving our government unbridled powers to do so, not realizing, or not caring, that in so doing they are giving away their birthright. 


America as we know it is no more unless we, the people, take it back.  Get involved.  Get informed.  Take action.  Our country and our way of life is being robbed from us!