The Supreme Court Rape of the United States



The supreme court recently denied hearing Hedges V Obama, the case contesting the NDAA indefinite detention provisions applicable to US citizens at home or abroad without trial. In so doing, they let stand yet another rape of our republic by a federal fiend evidently intent on completing the ravishing of our once beautiful and noble lady of liberty.


The opportunity to correct injustice was presented to the justices on a silver platter, including within it the chance to correct the injustice of the Korematsu decision. This too they declined. We, with Fred Korematsu, say [1]I'll never forget my government treating me like this. And I really hope that this will never happen to anybody else Unfortunately, the court left the door wide open for this very injustice to happen to somebody else.


The supreme court now stands on par with our congress in setting a new record of unpopularity in our nation, at an all time low of far less than 30 pieces of silver. Let the truth be known. Let the blogs be renamed. SCOTUS shall now and hereafter be known as SCROTUS, a fitting tribute to a decadent piece of our constitutional republic which has reached yet another all time low.


Harold R. Gielow

LtCol USMC (ret)

3006 Trottinridge Rd.

Clarksville, Va

[1] Retrieved from the www at on 4/29/2014