The notion that America must bomb Syria because of someone’s use of chemical weapons is pure, unadulterated fecal matter.  First, we stood by and allowed Iraq to use chemical weapons both on its own people and the Iranian army while we gave them the target sets.  Second, it is not yet conclusive that the Assad regime was the one who used chemical weapons.  Trust us, we know these are the facts!  The American government has a credibility crisis, and its citizens are not in a trusting mode after Iraq.  What actually happened in Benghazi remains shrouded in controversy.  Third, common sense tells you that risking World War III must have something more behind it than a foreign sovereign country’s internal disputes.  This has nothing to do with chemical weapons use.  It has everything to do with who benefits. 


      Who benefits from attacking Syria and, after that more than likely, Iran?  What are the real reasons?  If America would have this debate, perhaps we would realize the dire circumstances we are in and true costs of inaction.  The collapse of the petrodollar system, and the attendant economic and social impacts on America, are a real threat which should be discussed.  Syria’s, Iran’s, the former Iraq’s, the former Libya’s, China’s, India’s, and Russia’s rejection of that system places the United Stated in a precarious position from which, if the trajectory is not changed, we stand to go into economic collapse as, once there is a viable competitor to the dollar as the reserve currency, our quantitative easing will become a qualitative catastrophe.     


     The use of chemical weapons has absolutely nothing to do with our present decision.  Our real decisions are these.  Will we be honest with the American people and stop treating them as if they are too ignorant to understand the real issues?  Will we take the time to explain these real issues to them?  Will we admit our mistakes in dealing with these issues and thereby regain some measure of public trust?  Will we, realizing the perfidy of our current elected representatives, throw the lot out and start afresh with elected officials who will treat us as competent adults and tell us the truth?