This Is The End Beautiful Friend



     Although written about a lover, Morrison’s lyrics in “The End” could appropriately apply to our citizen’s relationship with their first love – America.  In the song Morrison cries, “Our elaborate plans, the end of everything that stands.”  Such seems our current state, our country nearly in ruins economically and our freedoms freely sacrificed on the alter of security.  “Can you picture what will be…desperately in need of some strangers hand in a desperate land?”  The idea which was America seems somehow distant “Lost…in a wilderness of pain” which is the sacrifice of our most fundamental principles.


     Although I thought the NDAA was bad, with our most basic rights to representation and trial by jury lost, it seems that was only the beginning of “a long train of abuses.”  In Benghazi, it is now clear to anyone who has been paying attention, we sacrificed Americans for political expediency, and then allowed ourselves to be lied to about it.  Benghazi was “The end of laughter and soft lies,” soft because they purportedly protect us from things beyond our kin which the uninitiated and those not of the chosen few are too uninformed and of too weak a mind to understand.  That we were running armaments to Jihadists to overthrow Assad sounds too much like the songs line “kill, kill, kill,” a twisted turning from a laudable beginning. 


     Our complete loss of privacy revealed in Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks, with government general warrants for our most personal and private information allowed, and even defended in the name of security, repeat the refrain – the end!  Use of the powers of government in the form of one of its most loathsome forms, its power to take our property, but in the case of the IRS targeting of specific conservative groups, capriciously and for political purposes, make us cry the refrain, “My only friend, the end.”


     This is the end beautiful friend.  We did not have the courage to defend you.  Our love was not strong enough to hold you.  You are lost, and your loss is the world’s loss.  Gone are the days of our innocence, and we are left, speechless and naked in the heart of darkness.  America, the beautiful dream, is becoming a distant memory, and we are left to our own devices to individually seek that which is lost and find a better end to our seemingly failed experiment in liberty.