The Iconoclastís Lament


The innocence is gone, Itís loss a dreadful wrong

Why is our soul laid bare, Itís death a pain we share

The rituals of past, are laid at last to rest

No more to burden us. No more to solace us


We soon forget the reason, some labored long to season

The lore of our rich past, which made us one at last

Too late to turn the tide? Too late to open wide?

The dreams of hope with pleasure

We once held close and treasured


Alright, maybe George didnít really chop down a cherry tree and confess his guilt.Maybe Mr. Jefferson had his faults.Maybe our heroes were, after all, just human beings like you and I, with all of their faults and failures intermixed with their peculiar strengths.Sometimes, in retrospect, we enhance the one at the expense of the other in order to make both a point and an impact for the betterment of our lot.We still need heroes.We still need examples to inspire us to endeavors which, barring an exemplification of our better nature, we would hesitate, or more not even attempt, to accomplish.God give us heroes.Give us examples of our better nature, and let us be glad that we have them.