The Last Trump


     Apocalyptic may sound somewhat overdone, but the upcoming vote for president could very well be characterized as such.  We are on the verge of open war with Russia, and incontestably in a proxy war already in Syria.  The world economy, not to mention our own, is on the precipice of collapse.  The seedy underbelly of a corrupt political system is being exposed daily.  If the last trump is not yet blowing, it can’t be too far off.


     Our misadventures in Syria are epic!  They have left us in a position of cooperating with the Iranian Al Quds Force and radical Islamic terrorists while we try to portray an alliance with non-existent moderates.  Russia has diplomatically, militarily, and informationally taken us to the woodshed.  Not only is our stated goal of removing Assad from power most likely unachievable due to gross miscalculations and errors by this administration, but any pretense for justification of the blood and treasure we have spent in this region is evaporated.  The middle east is inarguably in the worst state imaginable in my lifetime.  As apocalyptic visions often center here, the last trump symbolism seems fitting.


     The world economy is collapsing, with worldwide debt exceeding world GDP by a wide margin.  Zero and negative interest rate policies and quantitative easing have done nothing but expand an equity bubble that is set to burst, this at a time when volatility will finally kill the systemically “important” institutions with derivatives risks which require moderate moves in their underlying assets. Deutchbank will be the first to go. Globally, the notional value of all outstanding derivatives contracts is a staggering 552.9 trillion dollars according to the Bank for International Settlements.  They all say they are “hedged,” but what good is a hedge when the counterparty is bankrupt?  Economically, the last trump is getting ready to blow.


     This political season is exposing just how absolutely corrupt our system has become.  Pay to play, foreign influence, big money, bribery, chicanery, absolute graft are rampant and evident.  Sickening!  It certainly does appear that the last trump is getting ready to be blow.  How fitting that one of the candidates would have the name Trump.