It is absolutely incredible how obtuse the majority of the populous is when it comes to Covid "vaccinations." Obviously, from the quote, one can assume I take exception to calling these experimental gene therapies vaccinations. Vaccine DefinitionThat aside, there is ample information that these experimental injections are harmful.

First, there is the Salk Institute study detailing the etiology of pathogenicicity of this injection. "...our data reveals that S protein alone can damage endothelium." Salk

Second is the documented negative effects of spike protein on DNA damage recovery. DNA damage Repair

Third, there is the science which identitifies antibodies produced to spike protein which cause auto immune disease. Pathogenic Antibodies

Fourth, the mRNA vaccines contain a substance, polyethylene glycol, which 72% of the population have preexisting antibodies against, decreasing the efficacy of the vaccines and setting this population up for antibody dependent enhancement of disease. AntiPEG Antibodies

Fifth, the VAERS data, which is known to only capture about one percent of adverse reactions, has recorded over 18,000 post vaccination deaths, 30,000 permanent disabilities, and close to 800,000 adverse events. With an under reporting factor of 41 URF this equates to 738,000 deaths, 1.23 million permanent disabilities, and 32.8 million adverse reactions. This is unprecedented!

Sixth, elements of the vaccine spike have been found to infect monocytes, persisting systemically for up to fifteen months. Spike Protein Peristence

Following the science, it is well past time to stop the madness. Read the science. THINK FOR YOURSELF!