Wish Me A Rainbow


How painful to chase rainbows, those beautiful colors simply fading into the distance the faster and faster you pursue them. Would that we would realize that the end of those rainbows are always where we start at ourselves. We are the sum of the choices which we make, for the evanescent pot of gold, or for the small step of the achievable which, bit by bit, builds character and a real future. Dreaming, by itself, for that distant goal, wrapped in illusion and fantasy, rather than taking the small but important steps along a chosen path, makes one only peculiar and interesting in a strange sort of way. Actually taking those steps to achieve the dream makes one truly special. What is most painful, however, are those that have no dream at all. This is the absence of all hope where even dreams are abandoned. How sad. So, whether I am presently embarked on the journey or simply contemplating a better future, wish me a rainbow, then, with encouragement and prayer, nudge me to take the sometimes painful steps to realize the dream at its end. Wish me a rainbow, but help me build a character which can pursue it to its end.